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Follow Your Box

Let us send you a tracking notice telling you the country where your shoebox gifts will be delivered into the hands of children in need. Make your $7 per box donation online by filling out the fields below and following the instructions on the next form.

After you complete your payment information, you will receive a barcode label that enables us to track each shoebox. Print the label from our website, or save it to your computer. You can use the same label for all of your shoeboxes. Your specific barcode is connected to your e-mail address, so it’s important to include the label on each of your boxes, so they can be scanned before shipment.

After your shoeboxes are shipped, you will receive one email for each different country where they are delivered, along with information about Operation Christmas Child in that country. If your boxes go to only one country, you will receive one e-mail.

Questions about how to follow your box? Click here for answers.

Print or copy the label as many times as you need to attach one label to each of your boxes.

Special Note – The unique barcode on the label is scanned during the shipment process. Covering it with tape or damaging it could affect scanning. If your label is ripped or separated from the shoebox in the shipping process, it may prevent us from tracking your gift.

Please note: This form is the online donation for shipping shoebox gifts that you have packed yourself. Click here if you are trying to Build a Shoebox Gift Online.

Follow Your Box Make your $7 per box donation online and you will receive a special barcode label that enables Samaritan's Purse to track each shoebox to its destination country.

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