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Project Leader Resources

Project Leaders make it easy for their church or group to participate in Operation Christmas Child. View the checklist below to get ready for National Collection Week, and be sure to check out our Project Updates.

Project Leader Checklist:

Step 1: Form a Plan
Prayerfully set a shoebox goal.
  • Setting a goal is important because it motivates participants and helps you adapt activities as you chart the progress toward the goal.
  • To reach your goal, will you invite individuals and families to pack their own shoebox gifts?
  • Or, will you organize and host a packing party for your group? If yes, download our editable packing party signs.
Bonus idea: Download and print the Project Leader Timeline.
How will you collect the $9 per shoebox shipping donation?
Cast vision and discuss plan with church or group leadership.
Bonus idea: Make packing easier—collect items year-round! Get ideas for how to launch the project for your church or group.
Step 2: Get the Word Out
Implement the promotional plan.
  • Use a selection of Operation Christmas Child brochures, promotional inserts, web banners, videos, photos, etc., from the Resources and Ideas Hub.
  • Share stories, photos, and videos from Operation Christmas Child’s webpages.
Review the steps of packing a shoebox.
  • Be able to demonstrate how to pack a shoebox. Know what can and can’t be packed.
  • Emphasize the importance of including a “wow” item and $9 shipping donation in each shoebox.
  • Encourage participants to discover the destination of their shoebox gifts by donating through Follow Your Box.
Bonus idea: Host a promotional activity, such as a Project Launch Event, At The Banquet Table, World Café, or International Film Festival.
Step 3: Collect and Celebrate
Collect and Celebrate What God has Done!
  • Host a Celebration Event.
  • Collect shoeboxes in a high traffic area so people will notice as more gifts are collected.
  • Share your photos with @OperationChristmasChild, using the hashtag #ipackedashoebox.
  • Bring gift-filled shoeboxes to the drop-off location nearest you drop-off location nearest you, open annually during National Collection Week, the third week in November (Nov. 18–25, 2019). Complete this form in advance to speed up the drop-off process.
Bonus idea: Serve year-round and coordinate a shoebox drop-off location during National Collection Week.

Don’t Forget!

  • Include $9
    $9 Donation
    A $9 donation per shoebox gift is critical to cover shipping and other ministry expenses.
  • No Toothpaste or Candy
    No toothpaste or candy
    These items are no longer allowed in shoeboxes due to customs regulations. See all gift suggestions.
  • Facebook Group
    Project Leader Facebook Group
    Join our official Project Leader Facebook Group to see what others are doing.

Hear first-hand from other project leaders!

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