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Project Leader Resources

Project leaders make it easy for their church or group to participate in Operation Christmas Child

Project Leader Checklist:

Step 1: Form a Plan
  • This is the first and most important step of shoebox packing! Commit to pray and facilitate prayer throughout the process of shoebox collections.
Set a shoebox goal.
  • Setting a goal is important because it motivates participants and helps you adapt activities as you chart the progress toward the goal.
Determine how to reach the goal.
How will you collect the $9 per shoebox shipping donation?
Cast vision and discuss plan with church or group leadership.
Determine how you will get started.
Bonus idea: Collect items year round to make packing easier!
Step 2: Get the Word Out
Implement the promotional plan.
Review the steps of packing a shoebox.
  • Be able to demonstrate how to pack a shoebox. Know what can and can’t be packed.
  • Emphasize the importance of including a “wow” item and $9 shipping donation in each shoebox.
  • Encourage participants to discover the destination of their shoebox gifts by donating through Follow Your Box.
Bonus idea: Host a promotional activity, such as a Project Launch Event, At The Banquet Table, World Café, or International Film Festival.
Step 3: Collect and Celebrate
Collect and Celebrate What God has Done!
  • Host a Celebration Event.
  • Collect shoeboxes in a high traffic area so people will notice as more gifts are collected.
  • Share your photos with @OperationChristmasChild, using the hashtag #ipackedashoebox.
  • Bring gift-filled shoeboxes to the drop-off location nearest you, open annually during National Collection Week (the third week in November: November 13–20).
Bonus idea: Become a Year-Round Logistics Volunteer who coordinates a shoebox drop-off location during National Collection Week.

Get encouragement and inspiration from what groups are sharing about their Operation Christmas Child activities.

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