Bike 100 miles in 1 week for Healthy Hearts

April 21, 2014 • United States

Sign-ups are underway for cyclists young and old to ride and raise money through Team Samaritan's Purse for children in need of heart surgeries

Cyclists across the country are joining Team Samaritan’s Purse for national Bike to Work Week, May 12-16, in support of Children’s Heart Project.

The challenge is for each participant to ride 100 miles during the week and raise $1,000 to help children receive life-saving surgeries that aren’t available in the countries where they live.

Eight-year-old C.J. Buford rode his bike from the Tennessee border to the coast of North Carolina last year to support Children’s Heart Project, and this summer a group of young boys are racing in five triathlons to raise money for five patients in the program.

Children’s Heart Project is the Samaritan’s Purse ministry that works with top-quality hospitals to provide surgery for children who live in countries where the medical expertise and equipment are not available. We provide airfare for the children, a parent, and a translator and locate evangelical Christian churches and families willing to host the groups.

Since 1997, children from more than a dozen countries have received the life-saving surgery they needed. We recently celebrated a milestone when Nomin, a young girl from Mongolia, became the 1,000th child to receive surgery through the project.

Many more children around the world are on the waiting list, and need help to come to North America for operations that could save their lives. Events like this one are easy to coordinate and can change lives. If you’d like to get involved, visit our fundraising page.