Mentoring Future Leaders

August 13, 2014 • Haiti
Mentoring Future Leaders

Christians in the community mentor children at the Greta Home and Academy

Jessica Langevin is the project coordinator for the Greta Home and Academy in Haiti.

“Raising Christian Leaders for the Future of Haiti” is displayed in big, bold print on a bulletin board of the Greta Home and Academy for staff and visitors to see the heart of who we are and what we do. It makes us think about how we’re doing each day.

With 70 children, that vision can seem challenging, and we realize it can’t be done alone. To raise Christian leaders, the children need more than daily provision and education. They need one-on-one time with Godly leaders who desire to see them grow in their knowledge of the love of Christ.

Mentoring Future Leaders

A community member in Haiti works with a young boy at the Greta Home to teach him a skill. As they work, they develop a relationship, and the young boy sees Christ’s love through others.

Our “Change a Life” mentor program was created to be a way to connect our children in engaging relationships with Christians in the community. Every week, groups or individuals come with open hearts and ears to provide in such a way.

Mentors teach skills or trades, take the children on outings, or show them how to play an instrument. They play games, do homework, conduct Bible studies, lead groups like Girl Talk, and, most importantly, share their wisdom, love, and lives. The most significant thing is letting the boys and girls know they are valuable, worthy, and loved by God and others. Children need someone to believe in them and in their dreams.

Aside from individual mentor relationships, three weekly character classes are taught using curriculum on various Godly character traits such as gratefulness and integrity. Through these relationships, our prayers are that the children are strengthened in their faith and encouraged and loved as they are shown examples of Christ alive in others.