Running for Water in Cincinnati

August 9, 2011 •

Team Samaritan’s Purse is in Cincinnati this weekend for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon and Half-Marathon. Brittany Donald Salmon is one of 20 Team SP runners who will be in the race tomorrow. She lives in Wake Forest, N.C., with her husband Ben, works in a missions office, and is a graduate student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Last year, Brittany raised $2,080 for our HIV/AIDS programs when she ran her first marathon in Raleigh, N.C. This year, her goal is to raise $3,000 for clean water programs in Uganda.

Brittany has been blogging about her experience training. This is one of her entries from earlier this month.

Y’all… this is crazy. I’m supposed to run 20 miles tomorrow. Yeah… I know. I feel like I’m in way OVER my head. Pray for me.

But that means race day is 2 weeks and 2 days away. I’m feeling a lot of emotions about this race… mainly anxiety. But I’m hoping and praying for strength and endurance. I feel like tomorrow’s run is going to be a good indicator of how May 1st will go. But at the same time, not putting too much pressure on this one run. Bad running days happen, I’m just praying May 1st, and tomorrow, isn’t one of them.

I keep reminding myself that although I am running to finish, I’m running for something so much more precious than a finisher’s medal and bragging rights. I’m running for a village in Uganda. I am their runner, their representative, and their advocate in my social circle. And together, with supporters and other Team SP members, we’re running for…

The construction of wells in five villages of the Kihuura sub-county in Western Uganda

The establishment and training of five water-user committees in the Kihuura area

The provision of access to safe clean drinking water for more than 1,200 community members

The provision of training in proper hygiene and sanitation for more than 2,000 community members

The growth of God’s church in Uganda

I truly believe that “Every action, no matter how small, can bring about change” (from Samaritan’s Purse HIV/AIDS campaign).

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