Tansen Mission HospitalTansen, Nepal

Mission Organization
United Mission to Nepal
Service Requirements
  • Six-week service minimum: general surgery and urology.
  • One year minimum/maximum: family medicine, internal medicine, and OB/GYN.
  • Profile
    Located in Palpa district, a nine-hour drive west from Kathmandu, Tansen Mission Hospital serves as a regional hospital for an area of over a million people, extending into India. It has a rich heritage, being one the first clinics to be opened in Nepal in the early 1950s and consequently has a very good reputation with the Nepali people. The facility officially has 165 inpatient beds. The services offered include surgery, pediatrics, general medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, and dentistry. We also have orthopedic surgeries, and there are ultrasound, endoscopy, and echocardiography services. There is also an active government-approved post-graduate training program for physicians in both internship and residency programs, in addition to clinical training for nurse anesthetists and midwives. In association with the hospital, Tansen Nursing School was opened in 2000 to train certificate level nurses with the aim to provide high quality nurses for western Nepal. The hospital also has a burn unit to care for the many severely burned patients that come to the facility.
    Fly by commercial air into Kathmandu, then on to Bhairahawa, followed by a two-hour drive to the hospital. Public transportation within the country is not recommended. There is a safe mission bus, which travels once a week from Kathmandu to Tansen on Thursdays.
    Time Difference
    + 10 hours, 45 minutes, Eastern Standard Time; +9 hours, 45 minutes, daylight saving time
    United Mission Hospital Tansen (UMHT) is located in Buhusaldanda, one kilometer up the “Mission” road from the bazaar. Tansen, the district headquarters and commercial centre of Palpa District, is a pleasant town built on the side of Shrinagar Hill. It lies in the middle hills of Nepal, at an altitude of 4,593 feet, 187 miles west of Kathmandu, 75 miles from Pokhara, and 50 miles from Bhairawa on the Indian border. The population of Tansen swells when the local campus of the Tribhuvan University is in session. Although United Mission Hospital Tansen is located in Palpa District, approximately 70 percent of its patients come from the surrounding nine districts, Western Nepal, and from nearby parts of North India.
    Similar to other cultures of the Indian Subcontinent, Nepal is a hierarchical society steeped in Hindu roots. Nearly all areas of Nepalese culture have strong connections to Hinduism, which makes it pervasive in the people’s worldview and mindset. The people of Nepal are a gentle people who are very respectful of each other. The Nepali greeting, namaste literally means, “I recognize and respect the spirit within you.” The Nepalese are also a relatively modest people and dress in keeping with this.
    The main language is Nepali, but many also speak their local dialect or distinct language. English is used as a professional language but is not as prevalent as in India and Pakistan. For patient interaction, the Nepali language is necessary.
    The major religion is Hinduism, which accounts for about 90 percent of the population. There is also a significant Tibetan Buddhist population in Nepal. Christianity makes up less than 2 percent of the population.
    The climate is temperate with a hot monsoon season from June to September and a cold winter season from December to February. In the main populated areas, the temperature does not go down below 32°F, but in many villages at higher altitudes in the Himalayas, it commonly snows.
    Housing is provided by the hospital and will be assigned according to availability and the job you are doing. Houses are furnished with basic needs.
    There is a guesthouse on the compound that will provide meals for you at a minimal cost. You can share your meals with other visitors. There are local women who can be hired to cook.
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