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Louisiana Covered by a Flood of Compassion

Liberty University students reach out to disaster victims

An army of 48 Liberty University students recently volunteered with Samaritan’s Purse in Louisiana and worked on homes throughout East Baton Rouge Parish. These students worked long, grueling days tearing out moldy drywall and insulation, cleaning floors, removing damaged furniture, and helping homeowners sort through their belongings. … [Read more...]

Standing with South Sudan

Relief continues to be delivered across this troubled and desperate nation

As gunfire shattered the afternoon quiet on May 11, 2015, Elizabeth quickly picked up her young daughter and started running. The fierce internal conflict that first erupted in 2013—just two years after South Sudan became the world’s newest country—had now spread to where Elizabeth lived in southern Unity State. She was working as a nutrition assistant with Samaritan’s Purse when the fighting broke out. … [Read more...]

Courage Undeterred

A look into the lives of refugees fleeing from Boko Haram

Since their emergence in northeastern Nigeria in 2002, militants in the terrorist organization Boko Haram have set about the task of remaking West Africa into their own image. Seeking to eliminate differing ideologies, they have killed thousands of people of various backgrounds. Often overlooked are the faces of those that survive. Throughout Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, and Niger, millions of people have fled their homes seeking safety and freedom wherever it can be found. Many of these people … [Read more...]

At Ease

Military couples find rest from the demons of war

Over the course of the summer, 160 combat-wounded veterans and their spouses will make their way to Alaska for a week of marriage enrichment. Through Biblically based marriage classes and excursions in the Alaskan wilderness, couples will have a chance to learn what Godly marriages look like and reconnect as they focus on their relationships together. … [Read more...]

A Time to Embrace

Samaritan's Purse is providing relief to refugees in Greece

Leaving doesn’t mean the stories you’ve lived leave you. “We would play with our friends and then we would go inside and study,” one boy said. “Then the bombing would start and the teachers would hide us and wouldn’t let us leave school until the bombing had stopped.” Then a bomb hit his home. … [Read more...]

Dreaming Big

How Samaritan's Purse transformed an empty field into a fully functioning hospital in the wake of the Ecuador earthquake

In the wake of a disaster, the speed of a response often means the difference between life and death. Samaritan’s Purse maintains a constant state of readiness so that when disasters strike, we can immediately mobilize a response team and bring life-saving care and supplies to those in need. … [Read more...]

Wrestling for Life

Refugees in South Sudan wrestle with life's challenges, but many have come to find joy in Christ

As David Abbi began to teach his Bible literacy lesson, he knew the two dozen adult students would identify with Abram’s journey from his home country in Haran to the land of Canaan. For them, it wasn’t just a story from the pages of Genesis. They had lived a similar journey—departing a home they had known and loved and setting out into a world of the unknown, fraught with difficulties, danger, and suffering. “God told Abram to take his family and move to a new location,” David told the … [Read more...]

The Shadow of Death

Thirteen Ebola survivors share their stories

In March 2014, Ebola virus disease was first reported in Liberia. The epidemic’s epicenter was Lofa County, nearly 300 miles from the capital and most populous city, Monrovia. As a result of traditional burial practices, a lack of leadership and healthcare, and denial, Ebola quickly spread. More than 4,800 Liberians died as a result of the disease. … [Read more...]

The Magnitude of Love

Our Emergency Field Hospital team brings physical and spiritual healing to earthquake survivors in Ecuador

On Saturday, April 16, at 6:30 p.m., families were cooking dinner, children were playing outside, and most were enjoying their normal weekend routine. They had no idea that this Saturday evening would soon deliver a devastating and deadly jolt. Just before 7 p.m., a 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocked the northern coast of Ecuador. It claimed 660 lives, injured more than 4,500 people, and leveled thousands of buildings. … [Read more...]

Caring for Bodies & Souls

Maternal and Child Health Programs in Cambodia

In the 1970s, the militant Khmer Rouge tore through Cambodia and wiped out a generation of educated citizens. In the aftermath of the genocide, many women were left in the dark, struggling without any basic knowledge of how to take care of their children. … [Read more...]