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2015 Year in Pictures

This year's top 26 moments as seen through the lens of our photographers

In 2015, we provided relief to millions of suffering people around the world. As we meet people's physical needs, we also point them to "the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romans 8:39, NKJV). The photos below represent 26 of our top moments this year.   … [Read more...]

What Happens to Your Shoebox?

The journey from your hands to little hands in need

Thank you so much for your generous giving during National Collection Week! Now that you have sent off your Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts with prayer, they are en route to boys and girls around the world. The first stop in that journey is at one of our eight processing centers located across the United States. Here shoeboxes are inspected and prepared for international shipping. Next they travel by plane, truck, or ship to more than 100 countries and territories where local … [Read more...]

Voyage to a Second Life

“I just want to live in peace.”

A small, nine-meter boat approached slowly from the Turkish coast. As it moved closer to Lesbos Island, it seemed to speed up a bit. Orange blobs turned into human forms. Babies could be heard wailing. Mothers too. Suddenly, men were also yelling for help. … [Read more...]

South Carolina Rising

God has used Samaritan's Purse volunteers to answer the prayers of devastated homeowners.

Historic rains—ominously described as a 1-in-1,000-years-storm—pummeled the Carolinas for five days in early October. Creeks overflowed and dams burst, sending raging torrents of muddy water cascading throughout cities, towns, and rural countrysides. South Carolina took the brunt of the epic downpour that killed 19 people and caused billions of dollars in damage. … [Read more...]

Beyond Beaches

In Fiji, Operation Christmas Child is shining light into spiritual darkness.

Stunning stretches of white sand and the turquoise-blue water of the Pacific mark the island nation of Fiji, but its true beauty goes far beyond what tourists see. God is using Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts and the follow-up discipleship program, The Greatest Journey, to plant churches in this ethnically and religiously diverse nation. … [Read more...]


Photo blog about helping Myanmar flood victims find higher ground

“Is this the hardest thing you’ve been through?” I asked Sawsarwah, a father of six in the delta region of Myanmar. The country experienced its worst flooding on record this summer, and a photographer and I accompanied our organization’s church partners to distribute food in hard-to-reach areas. … [Read more...]

Refined by Fire

Persecution strengthens the church in Niger

The sign at the round point simply says Eglise Évangélique Baptiste, but locals know it by its landmark. Cars zoom around the busy round point, barely taking notice of the huge church towering on the corner. It was built by American missionaries in 1929, long before Niger’s independence from France. The missionaries brought materials from the U.S., and locals brought rocks from the river to plant a church among new converts in the city. … [Read more...]

A Time and Place to Heal

Operation Heal Our Patriots provides Bible-based marriage enrichment training in Alaska to wounded military personnel and their spouses

Operation Heal Our Patriots Since 2012, Operation Heal Our Patriots, a project of Samaritan's Purse, has been providing Bible-based marriage enrichment training in Alaska to military couples dealing with post-9/11 combat injuries. One hundred and sixty couples—10 each week for 16 weeks—are scheduled to travel to our wilderness lodge between May 31 and September 18 this year. By the end of the summer season, the program will have served a total of well more than 500 couples in the past four … [Read more...]

The Black Hole of Africa

A traveling Bible school shines light on the border of the Congolese jungle

UNDER THE MID-MORNING SUN, the people of Mapedi village gather. Forty-six students don their shirts and dresses, all made from the same fabric. They march into a tarp-covered shelter. A man in military fatigues leads them in song. The audience claps along. [full-width] [/full-width] [full-width] [/full-width] The northern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where Mapedi is located, is often referred to as "The Black Hole" of Africa because of the … [Read more...]

Images of Disaster from Nepal

Click through this slideshow to see photos as Samaritan's Purse brings aid to earthquake survivors

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