About The Greta Home and Academy

May 17, 2016 • Haiti

The Greta Home and Academy is dedicated to providing a Christian environment for orphans and vulnerable children in the Léogâne community in Haiti. It was constructed to train young men and women to become Christian leaders by giving them a quality education, marketable skills, and spiritual encouragement through discipleship courses and worship services.

The home and academy is named in honor of Greta Van Susteren, one of America’s most influential news commentators. A news anchor with MSNBC, she is an accomplished attorney, journalist, and photojournalist. In December 2010, Greta raised awareness and funds for the cholera epidemic in Haiti. Her advocacy for the people of Haiti helped save thousands of lives.

The Greta Home and Academy was constructed on the site where an orphanage and school was destroyed by the horrific quake in January 2010. In the devastating aftermath, dozens of vulnerable children were brought to the location, where they lived in the ruins. Upon learning of these little ones’ plight, Samaritan’s Purse provided temporary housing nearby and began caring for them.

Many of those children are now in the care of The Greta Home and Academy. Some of them may have living parents, but dire poverty and/or other conditions make their return home precarious.

Currently there are more than 60 children, ages ranging from 6 to 18, staying at the Greta Home and Academy, and an additional 150 children who attend the school from the surrounding community. The team at the Greta Home also has a family reunification and kinship care program that helps the children reunite with their birth family or extended family members.

The campus includes six dormitory-style bedrooms, seven classrooms, a media center, offices, nurse’s station, cafeteria, and an outdoor play center. Each morning and evening the boys and girls participate in devotions and a time of worship. All the children have also gone through The Greatest Journey, a discipleship program to teach them about the Bible and how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

The vision of the Greta Home and Academy is to continue providing a safe haven for the needy and hurting of Haiti by showing them the love of God, and educating the future leaders of this fractured and unstable country.