Mukinge Hospital, Kasempa, Zambia


Hospital Website:

Mission Organization: SIM (Serving in Mission)

Profile: Mukinge Hospital was founded by Dr. Bob Foster in the early 1950s in the Northwestern Province of Zambia. It is a 200-bed referral facility that currently services 100,000 people in the Kasempa and Mufumbwe districts in the Northwestern Province. The hospital has seven inpatient wards, including general medical/surgical (male and female), maternity (1,300–1,400 deliveries per year), pediatrics, isolation, TB, and malnutrition.

There is a busy outpatient department with 160–180 patients seen daily. The outpatient department includes general care clinics, as well as clinics for well child care, antenatal care, family planning, tuberculosis, nutrition, surgery, ophthalmology, and STD’s. There is a physical therapy department offering whirlpool, plaster casting, rehabilitation, prosthesis and leprosy follow-up. There is a pharmacy with basic drug supplies.

Community services include family planning, antenatal care, well child care, leprosy, nutrition, ophthalmology care, and HIV/AIDS. The hospital has a full-time community-based AIDS team as well as a mobile and in-house eye program. Average hospital occupancy rate is 95 percent. Hospital staff includes (2) Zambian general practice physicians and (1) expatriate general surgeon.

Travel: Volunteers fly via commercial airline into the capital city of Lusaka. From the capital city it is a two hour mission flight to Mukinge.

Time Difference: +6 hours Daylight Savings Time (EST), U.S.A.; +7 hours Eastern Standard Time, U.S.A.

Language: English, although many patients speak only the local African dialect.

Climate: The cool and dry season is from May to July. The weather is sunny, cool, and dry, with the nighttime temperatures between in the 30 F and 40 F and days in between 60 F -70 F. The hot and dry season is from August to November. The weather is sunny and dry, with the temperatures rising into 90 F. It begins to get humid in November. The rainy season is from December to April. The weather is sunny, warm, and wet. It usually rains every day, with the high temperatures into 80 F.

For More Information: Contact Carly Poor by email or by phone at: (828) 588-1274.