Charitable Gift Annuity Application

If you are ready to set up a Charitable Gift Annuity with Samaritan’s Purse, please download the Charitable Gift Annuity Application by clicking on the link below. After you download the application, you have the option of filling out the application on your computer or you can print the application and fill it out by hand. When the application is complete, please mail it to our office at Samaritan’s Purse/Donor Ministries P.O. Box 3000 Boone, NC 28607. If you would like to discuss your gift with a member of our team, please contact Carrie Griffin at 828-278-1226 or Would you like to learn more before you begin? See the details here or calculate your benefits here.

Stock and Bond Gift Transfer Instructions

Making a gift of stock directly to Samaritan’s Purse could not be simpler. In order to make a gift of stock or other securities, please download the provided Securities Transfer Instructions form, fill out the document with your information, and send the completed form to your broker. If you would like more information about the tax benefits of this type of gift, you can read more here.

Samaritan’s Purse Christian Wills Guide

Do you want to write a will that reflects your Christian faith and impacts others for generations? The Christian Wills Guide is a great resource to help you provide a Godly legacy for your heirs and support organizations that you love. In order to begin planning your legacy, download the Christian Wills Guide and fill it out on the computer or print it out and write out by hand. Whether you intend to use an attorney or not, this guide will assist you as you review your estate.

Not ready for that step? Read more about leaving a lasting legacy here.