Real Estate Gifts

Real Estate Gifts


Perhaps you like the tax advantages a gift of real estate to Samaritan's Purse would offer, but you want to continue living in your personal residence for your lifetime. You can transfer your personal residence or your farm to Samaritan's Purse but keep the right to occupy it for the rest of your life.

You would continue to pay property taxes and the expenses to maintain and insure the property. Samaritan's Purse would not actually take possession of the residence until after your lifetime. Since this gift cannot be revoked, you receive an immediate charitable tax deduction for a portion of your home's value.

There is no capital gain tax to pay on your property now or later and at the end of your life this gift will not go through probate.

If you would like to discuss a gift of real estate or a retained life estate, please contact our Legacy Planning Team at or Toll-free (833) 345-3422.


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