Three Reasons to Volunteer with Operation Christmas Child

January 6, 2016 • United States
Operation Christmas Child Year-Round Volunteers

Pastors can encourage growth in church members through volunteerism

Pedro Carrion is the volunteer relations assistant manager with Operation Christmas Child.

With so many churches struggling to meet their weekly needs in terms of finances and volunteers, why on earth would a pastor encourage his congregation to apply to volunteer year round with Operation Christmas Child? After all, won’t they give Operation Christmas Child all of their time? Doesn’t volunteering take away from the church?

Encouraging people to volunteer with Operation Christmas Child will only strengthen them and the church. Here are three reasons why.

  1. Operation Christmas Child volunteers don’t stop serving in their church.

We conducted a survey of our volunteers, and one thing surprised me. More than 90 percent of our 8,000+ year round volunteers serve in other organizations. The most common place they serve is their church. Operation Christmas Child volunteers continue to be involved with the churches they attend, maybe even more than before.

  1. Operation Christmas Child volunteers are aware of what God is doing around the world.

Operation Christmas Child volunteers not only become better volunteers, but they also become more aware Christians. We’re a Christian international relief organization. We’re constantly communicating the impact that our volunteers are making across the world. A grandmother who has been serving with Operation Christians Child for more than 10 years has probably helped thousands of children come to faith in Jesus Christ, and she knows it. She also knows where the most recent typhoon hit in the Philippines and what the response has been—and she can help you stay up-to-date too.

  1. Operation Christmas Child volunteers become better leaders.

We invest in our volunteers. We have conferences, monthly calls, eLearning, workshops, and an entire website full of resources dedicated to our U.S. volunteers.

Our volunteers serve in dedicated roles with ministry descriptions. Their roles cover specific local areas, which in turn cover the entire United States.

Our volunteers have the opportunity to become experts in recruiting, selecting, equipping, leading, and developing other volunteers. We have volunteer leaders that lead teams of other volunteers.

What if I told you that I could train the people in your church in international ministry, to recruit and lead volunteers, to take on incredible responsibility, to set up a booth, to put together a presentation, or to lead millennials in ministry while they continue to serve your church?

Have I convinced you yet?

This article is part of our January series highlighting year-round volunteers who serve through Operation Christmas Child.

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