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  • By improving farming techniques, increasing the productivity of livestock, opening up access to EXPAND

    Livelihoods 013970
  • Your $14 gift can bless an impoverished family with an ongoing source of nutrition and supplemental EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $14
    Chicken and Poultry Projects 013656
  • A gift of $55 can provide hard-working farmers in countries around the world with training, tools, EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $55
    Farm and Garden Projects 013657
  • When we provide oxen for a hard-working farmer, we not only help him increase his harvest but also EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $350
    Share the Cost: $35
    Livestock Projects 013831
  • For $45, we can supply a poor family with 30 seedlings that can yield a harvest for seasons to come EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $45
    Fruit Trees and Forestry Projects 013926
  • Just $70 can purchase a dairy goat or other dairy animal for a family in EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $70
    Goats and Dairy Animals 013754
  • A gift of $50 can help provide nets and supplies or stock a pond for our fishing projects around EXPAND

    Suggested Gift: $50
    Fish Farms and Aquaculture Projects 013755
  • Samaritan’s Purse provides seeds, tools, training, and other assistance to help communities EXPAND

    Agriculture 013969
  • The gift of an animal can completely revolutionize the way of life for a struggling family. They EXPAND

    Animals 013968
  • Samaritan’s Purse furnishes poor fishermen from Bolivia to Myanmar with new boats and nets so EXPAND

    Suggested $50
    Fishing Boats & Supplies 013830
  • Honeybees produce more than a sweet treat for struggling families. Honey and beeswax can be sold to EXPAND

    Suggested $20
    Beekeeping 013933