Missouri Churches Send Shoebox Gifts Off with Prayer

November 25, 2019 • United States
Participants from more than 25 different churches line the center aisle of First Baptist in Belle, Missouri, to pray over the shoebox gifts they packed.

Churches from a four-county area hold a dedication service for Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts headed to children in need around the world.

Operation Christmas Child

The farming community of Belle, Missouri, has a population of just 1,300 people, but on Sunday, they accomplished much through prayer. At their 23rd annual Operation Christmas Child dedication service at First Baptist Church, 120 people from more than 25 different churches gathered to commit 1,744 shoebox gifts to God’s purposes around the globe.

Community members came from nearly an hour away to drop off their shoebox gifts at First Baptist.

Each box—uniquely packed full of toys, school supplies, and hygiene items—was placed at the front of the church. Pastors and community members from various denominations led the group in reading Scripture and praying over these precious gifts that will be used to share God’s love with boys and girls in need.

At the close of the service, participants lined the center aisle of the church and passed each shoebox to the next person in the row, praying over them as they handed them off, until all the shoeboxes were placed in shipping cartons located just outside the church doors.

“It’s such a special time to pull so many different people from different denominations together and to be praying for each shoebox,” said Mary Moore, the drop-off location team leader in Belle. “As we touch each shoebox, we’re lifting them up in prayer—the child that will get it, the country it’s going to, the impact it will have.”

According to Mary there are always “lots of tears” of joy at the event because each year they show an Operation Christmas Child video of children opening the boxes somewhere in the world. The church counts it a privilege to witness examples what their simple gifts will accomplish in the lives of so many.

Prayer was a central component in the 23rd annual Operation Christmas Child dedication service in Belle, Missouri.

“It truly is a coming together to do the work God wants us to do,” said Janice Hartinger, the Operation Christmas Child volunteer coordinator over the area.

The dedication service tradition began in 1996 when the late First Baptist congregant Sharon Oliver heard about the Samaritan’s Purse project and got her church involved in packing shoebox gifts. For more than two decades, participants have come from Belle and from communities up to a nearly an hour away to participate in the unique service. Through these years, they have packed, dedicated, and prayed over 26,822 gift-filled shoeboxes.

The shoebox gifts dedicated in Belle will now be transported to one of eight processing centers around the country where volunteers will inspect and prepare them for international shipping. From there, the shoeboxes will make their way to local churches around the world that will use them as tangible tools to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with children and their families.

Each shoebox has a long journey ahead, which is just one reason why First Baptist Church is so committed to praying over the gifts.

“Prayer’s a big part of what we do,” Mary said, “because we know that with prayer we’re agreeing with God—His plan, His way of letting people know about Him.”

This article is part of our 2019 Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Roadshow. For more on this online cross-country journey, including additional short videos, please go to the Roadshow landing page.

National Collection Week ended Nov. 25. You can also help bring Good News and great joy to a child in need by building a shoebox online.

Through our Operation Christmas Child project, God has given us unparalleled opportunities to touch the lives of millions of boys and girls in over 150 countries. Many of these children have never received a gift and never heard the true meaning of Christmas—until they open shoeboxes filled with gifts from people like you. Some of these gifts are packed by young children or people on fixed incomes who simply cannot afford to include the $7 we request for international shipping and related costs. When you adopt a shoebox, you are partnering with them to deliver their gifts and show God’s love to a precious child.
Operation Christmas Child Through Operation Christmas Child, Samaritan’s Purse is sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with millions of boys and girls in more than 100 countries each year. Many of these children have never before received a present or heard the true meaning of Christmas—until they open a gift-filled shoebox from a person like you. A requested donation of $9 per shoebox provides for collection, processing, and shipping, as well as Gospel materials for the child. If you or your church/group are packing multiple shoebox gifts, please consider making your combined donation here. Or, give to cover the cost for those unable to include $9 with their packed shoebox.

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