Children in Ghana go through The Greatest Journey after receiving their shoebox gifts
Children in Ghana go through The Greatest Journey after receiving their shoebox gifts

Shoebox gifts collected in the United States in 2015 will be delivered to 283,080 children in Ghana. Praise God that over 1,846,258 children have received a shoebox since 1996, when Operation Christmas Child began distributing gifts here.

  • Ghana has 26.3 million people and is located in the sub region of West Africa
  • 38% of the population is 14 years old or younger

Good News. Great Joy.

Operation Christmas Child delivers the good news of Jesus Christ to children around the world

Stories from Ghana

Sharing the Greatest Gift
“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights” (James 1:17a, NIV).

While distributing Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts in a village in Ghana, a member of the National Leadership Team noticed the thickly calloused feet of a young boy. “Please, God, let this boy receive a pair of shoes in his box,” the woman prayed. The boy had never owned a pair of shoes and walked a total of six miles just to get to school every day. When the child opened his box, he found not just one pair of shoes, but two, and both pairs were just his size. The volunteer rejoiced when she saw that God had placed the perfect gift into the hands, and onto the feet, of this child.

Bringing Revival
A local volunteer reported: “A distribution to 377 children in the village was seen as a miracle for the community, because all 377 children received what they needed and their parents, who are subsistence farmers, could not provide. They received items such as schools supplies–particularly pens, pencils, and notebooks–and personal items like shoes and clothing, socks, toothbrushes, (before this most of them used chewing sticks) and soap. Since then, everybody in the village goes to church every Sunday in a sort of revival atmosphere.”

Changing Communities
After a shoebox distribution, a church in the western region started The Greatest Journey lessons. They completed the lessons within six weeks, and now the pastors testify to changes in the lives of the children. “Those who used to steal have stopped. Lying has stopped. Truancy has stopped, and parents are now testifying to a change in the lives of their children.”

Prayer Requests from Ministry Partners in Ghana

  • Praise God for His great faithfulness in the events of last year and the preparations for this year.
  • Pray for the NLT and RLTs as they continue to communicate the mission and vision of OCC and the heart behind it.

The Greatest Journey

Your shoebox is just the first step to transforming a young life for eternity. Every shoebox gift delivered by Operation Christmas Child is a tangible expression of God’s love. It also presents an opportunity in more than 100 countries for our church partners to invite children into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through our follow-up discipleship program. The Greatest Journey is a dynamic approach to discipleship—including 12 engaging Bible lessons—that local trained teachers are using to instruct the next generation of believers on how to become devoted followers of Christ and boldly share their faith with others. Worldwide, 4.7 million children have enrolled in the program since 2009.

This year in Ghana, these Bible lessons will be offered to children who receive a shoebox gift. These 12 lessons guide children through a study of who Jesus Christ is, what it means to follow Him, and how to share this exciting message with others. Nearly 70,000 children in Ghana have enrolled in this program since it started, and over 54,000 have graduated.

Will you help us “go and make disciples of all nations” as Christ commanded? Sign up for a monthly gift of $6, and each year you will give 12 children study materials, a New Testament, and the opportunity to learn what it means to devote their lives to sharing the Good News of eternal grace through Jesus Christ.

The Greatest Journey We praise the Lord for how He is working through The Greatest Journey® to make disciples in over 100 countries. Millions of children have already made decisions to follow Christ, have their own New Testaments to read, and know how to share the Gospel with their friends and family. Samaritan’s Purse offers The Greatest Journey lessons in 66 languages and has trained over 250,000 volunteer teachers. We want to enroll 3.5 million children in the coming year. The Greatest Journey costs just $6 per child—including lesson materials, teacher training, and a New Testament.

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Suggested Gift: $72 for 12 children


Watch children’s reactions as they receive their shoebox gifts!

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