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Hard-to-Reach Areas

Hard-to-reach areas are nations in the world that are difficult to access with the Gospel of Jesus Christ for geographic or cultural reasons. But specially packed shoebox gifts—some of which are assembled through Build a Shoebox Online—provide ease of access through customs and give local believers a culturally-sensitive way to share God’s love. Samaritan’s Purse has delivered shoebox gifts to more than 50 of these countries since 1993.

Read Stories from the Field

Two young boys named Arjun* and Vihaan* were at their daily task of selling milk and bread when Aparna asked them their names. As the three began a conversation, the boys smiled and Aparna* invited them to her home. There she surprised the boys with Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and told them about Jesus Christ.

The boys were so happy to listen to her Bible stories that they asked if they could bring their friends to hear them too. When these boys and girls came, Aparna offered them shoebox gifts and the Gospel as well. Excited, the children kept coming back to learn more about Jesus.

This was the beginning of a class of The Greatest Journey discipleship program. Thirty students from non-Christian backgrounds initially attended and some began going to church services, bringing their parents to worship with them as well. Neighbors of another religion began asking them not to attend The Greatest Journey, but many of these children now believe in Christ and worship Him secretly.

*Names changed for security

Pray for Your Shoebox Recipient

Whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”—Matthew 21:22

Please don’t stop praying for the boy or girl that you first lifted up when you packed your shoebox. Continue to ask God to soften his or her heart to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so that he or she will follow Him all the days of their life. Pray also for families and entire communities to be transformed as God’s love is shared through your simple gift.

The Greatest Journey

After your shoebox gift delights a boy or girl, you can give them the opportunity to participate in The Greatest Journey.

Taught by trained local teachers, this 12-lesson discipleship program shows children how to follow Christ and share Him with others. As boys and girls share the Scripture stories they learn in class, their friends and family come to faith—growing churches, starting new congregations, and transforming communities by the power of the Gospel.

Send a child on The Greatest Journey for just $6!

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Record Where Your Shoebox Went

Our Follow Your Box Map is specifically designed for you to keep track over multiple years where your shoebox gifts have blessed children in need.

Consider displaying one in your church or home as a reminder to pray for the boys and girls who have been blessed by your generosity.

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