Sending the Gospel to
the Ends of the Earth

Operation Christmas Child gift-filled shoeboxes go to some of the most difficult to reach places on earth. That includes areas that are hostile to the Gospel, places where whole people groups are yet unreached, and hundreds of remote Pacific islands. Did you know that every box that is packed through Build a Shoebox Online goes to a hard-to-access region? Shoeboxes are used by local churches to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in all kinds of environments, from densely populated inner cities to deserts and jungles—even in places where the Name of Jesus has never been heard.

Every shoebox gift is an opportunity to reach a child with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s about telling children around the world and their families that God loves them. He hasn’t forgotten them. We’re taking the Good News to the ends of the earth and doing it through a shoebox.

—Franklin Graham, President of Samaritan’s Purse

Hard-to-Reach Areas:

Due to cultural, religious, or customs issues, it is difficult to deliver gift-filled shoeboxes in a number of nations around the world. Your prayerfully packed boxes, including those sent through Build a Shoebox Online, provide a creative way for believers in these locations to share the Gospel in a culturally sensitive way. Since 1993, we have delivered shoebox gifts to children in more than 170 countries including more than 50 hard-to-reach nations.

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Pacific Islands Initiative:

Samaritan’s Purse is going across the Pacific, bringing great joy and the Good News of Jesus Christ to boys and girls on 1,000 islands through Operation Christmas Child. We plan to share the love of Christ with over 500,000 children in the Pacific islands by 2023 as local churches lead shoebox outreach events.

Unreached People Groups:

In remote jungles and dense urban centers, there are vast ethnic groups who may have never heard the Name of Jesus Christ. These groups—comprised of less than 3% evangelical Christians—include children who delight to receive a tangible expression of God’s love in a shoebox gift. Samaritan’s Purse plans to deliver shoebox gifts and the message of the Gospel to more than 250 unreached people groups by 2024.

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Discipleship and Church Planting:

After receiving a shoebox gift, many boys and girls also participate in our 12-lesson, follow-up discipleship program, The Greatest Journey, where they learn to follow Jesus and share Him with others. And as they share their faith, entire families and communities are transformed and new churches are started. Around 1,000 churches are planted each year in part because of Operation Christmas Child.

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Sending Good News, Great Joy:

Support Operation Christmas Child as we strive to send the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Your prayer partnership, shoebox packing, and financial donations make it possible for us to share the Gospel with more boys and girls around the world. Donations to Operation Christmas Child help cover shoebox collecting, processing, and shipping costs, as well as ministry partner training and Gospel materials.

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