The Greatest Journey

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  • These children in Fiji read The Greatest Gift Gospel booklets while attending an Operation Christmas Child outreach event in a bus at a church in Nadi.

  • This boy was pleased to attend The Greatest Journey in Gabon.

  • This girl graduated from The Greatest Journey in the Mongolian city of Nalaikh.

  • Participants in The Greatest Journey in Gabon share what they are learning about the Bible with their friends.

  • In Benin, Gladys (right) reads The Greatest Journey booklet with her friend Kemi (left).

  • This boy is one of over 24,000 children in Suriname to enroll in The Greatest Journey discipleship program.

  • This girl is one of more than 430,000 in Togo to graduate from The Greatest Journey.

  • These graduates of The Greatest Journey in Togo proudly show off their certificates and Bibles received upon course completion.

  • Family and community members are often proud of the work that children do to complete The Greatest Journey discipleship course.

  • This graduate of The Greatest Journey is one of 2.2 million children in Mexico to complete the 12-lesson discipleship course.

  • Joy abounds the moment a child receives their certificate and Bible at the completion of The Greatest Journey discipleship course.

  • The day children graduate from The Greatest Journey is a time to celebrate!

  • Unbridled joy fill children in Mexico as they celebrate completing all 12 lessons of The Greatest Journey discipleship program.

  • Recent graduates of The Greatest Journey in Mexico show off their new Bibles and certificates.