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  • Shoebox gifts are safely carried through wet terrain to reach children in Fiji.

  • In Suriname, there is room on motorbikes for shoebox gifts!

  • Donkey cart sometimes can be the preferred means of getting shoebox gifts to children in the Southern African nation of Namibia.

  • Volunteers in Namibia load trucks full of cartons of shoebox gifts.

  • Volunteers brave the cold to transport shoebox gifts via horse-drawn cart in Romania.

  • Shoebox gifts travel by boat to reach the Pacific Island of Kiribati.

  • Edward Graham (second from right) pulls a boat ashore for a shoebox outreach event near Tarawa, Kiribati.

  • Cartons of shoebox gifts are precious cargo in the Pacific.

  • Camels are also a great shoebox transportation method in Namibia.

  • Shoebox gifts are sometimes transported via elephants in Zimbabwe.