Ideas for Student Groups

Check out the variety of ways your student group can bless children like these!

[+] Prayer

  • Prayer is the cornerstone of Operation Christmas Child (OCC). We encourage you to make prayer the foundation of all your planning and OCC activities.
  • Make note of prayer opportunities like the Call to Prayer, encouraging students to sign up to pray during National Collection Week, the third week in November.
  • Become part of the Operation Christmas Child Prayer Network by signing up to receive regular prayer requests for the project.

[+] Host a Packing Party

  • Host a packing party with your student group. In each shoebox include a personal letter to the recipient as well as a photo of your group. Use our step-by-step guide to organize the details of your event.

[+] Volunteer at a Processing Center

  • In November and December, volunteer together at one of Operation Christmas Child’s Processing Centers.

[+] Volunteer at a Drop-Off Location

  • Help receive shoeboxes as they begin their journey to a child overseas. Volunteer at a drop-off location during National Collection Week, the third week in November. Contact your regional office for possible locations.

[+] Host a Speaker

  • Local volunteers, youth who helped deliver shoebox gifts, and even shoebox recipients are available to speak with your group. Contact your regional office for more information.

[+] Join a Local Area Team

[+] Pack Year-Round

  • Encourage your students to collect a different shoebox-filler item each month. Store these until November and host a packing party where students can assemble these gifts into shoeboxes. This spreads the cost of packing a shoebox out during the year. For a suggested calendar of items to gather each month, visit our Year-Round Packing page.

[+] Incorporate OCC in Curriculum

  • Use the $9 tracking label to Follow Your Box and receive an email about where your box will be delivered with the message of Christ’s love. Then use the Shoebox Tracker Map to display where the boxes from your group were delivered. Learn about the spiritual needs in each of these places and pray together for your shoebox recipients.

[+] Scavenger Hunt

  • Invite each student to form a team with three friends from school. Give teams a list of items to find and send them into the community seeking donations for shoeboxes. For example, visit a dentist’s office for toothbrushes, stores for school supplies, or homes for miscellaneous new items. After the hunt, meet back at the church or a home to pack boxes.

[+] Shoebox Clubs

  • In 2012, our kid ambassador Evilyn Pinnow traveled the country to help raise awareness of Operation Christmas Child’s efforts to collect the 100 millionth shoebox gift. She has been packing shoeboxes since she was 8 years old and even started her own club to get her friends involved. Download the guide she created to help you start your own Shoebox Club.